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Scale & Feeder (weighing & dispatch) Conveyor

DELITE Scale and Feeder Conveyors are designed for Weighing and feeding the Bags, Boxes, luggage onto the main Conveyor directly or in conjunction with the Feeder conveyors. Heights of these systems are Lower for better ergonomics. These systems are suitable for use with as an expansion/ modernization to the existing main conveyors or as a new complete system.The advantages of the system compared to other similar conveyors are..

❯ Conveyor is very economical with high quality parts.
❯ Passengers are not allowed to manipulate weights.
❯ The belts which we are using are of best quality so durable.
❯ Least number of parts and quickly installed using hand tools.
❯ All systems are of High Efficiency Systems hence Low Running Cost and almost zero maintenance.
❯ Lower Motor Capacity translates into energy savings.
❯ Motors give very low noise and vibrations as design of all our motors is very modern.
❯ Bearings for motors which we are using are are Precision of Reputed make and Sealed for Life for Drive and Take up Rollers.
❯ Individual control box integrated with main Panel Board thus reducing the Main Panel Size & isolating the system in case of any failure.