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Flat Belt Conveyor (Horizontal Type)

DELITE Flat Belt Conveyors are designed to bring increased efficiency to assembling, packaging, shipping and receiving operations. These conveyors can accommodate a wide range of items, from Passenger bags, cardboard boxes, to packing cases and packaged goods.
The advantages of the system compared to other similar conveyors are..

❯ Our conveyors are cheap with high quality parts.
❯ Belts can be made Reversible faster. Modular Design and hence can be relocated extended etc. with least downtime.
❯ Number of moving parts is low so maintenance problem are minimum.
❯ High Efficiency Systems hence Low Running Cost and no maintenance.
❯ Lower Motors Capacities translates into energy savings and almost maintenance free operations.
❯ As the design is superior hence machines give low noise and low vibration.
❯ Bearings used are Precision of Reputed make and Sealed for Life for Drive and Take up Rollers.
❯ We always use Imported Belts with longer life, efficiency and quiet operations. Screw Take up is so designed so as to adjust the tension from any one side is possible.
❯ Shrouds and Side walls can me made of MS Painted / SS as per requirement.
❯ All MS parts are either Galvanized of Painted to prevent formation of Rust and giving good Aesthetics to the System.