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Signage for Top of Terminal Building

The Box which is meant for houses / big sign boards Blue CAP (Aluminium Composite Panel) sheets is made up of Aluminium Frame work with Aluminium profiles duly Anodizing / epoxy powder coating of approved Colour with necessary corner fittings. The Size as well as Signage and Lettering is always kept suitable as per requirement. The polycarbonate sheet of 2 mm thick is used such that it forms a White background on the CAP sheets which would be stuck/ glued to the CAP sheets from the reverse. The text matter is attractive and is of computerized cut.The Signage is fabricated and mounted Externally on the Building as per requirement of the Engineer in Charge with suitable MS Angle / channel Frame work and to withstand the wind pressure. All screws, nuts, bolts are Galvanised / MS powder coated. The overall construction of illuminated sign board is rigid adequate to achieve required strength and to give aesthetic look to sign boards.