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Roller Conveyor

DELITE Roller Conveyors are designed to bring increased efficiency to assembling, packaging, shipping and receiving operations. These conveyors can accommodate a wide range of items, from bags, cardboard boxes, soft luggage and bundled items to packing cases and packaged goods.
The advantages of the system compared to other similar conveyors are..

❯ Our roller conveyor is cheaper compared to other s. We use excellent quality of raw material.
❯ As we do not use more parts they can be easily installed and are interchangeable.
❯ Our roller conveyor's height can be easily adjusted.. Structural or formed channel frames can be chosen from.
❯ We present Modular Design and hence can be relocated extended etc. with least downtime.
❯ Usage of High Quality Superior Products and Technology for manufacturing the conveyor system.
❯ Optional Shrouds / Side walls can me made of MS Painted / SS as per requirement.
❯ All MS parts of our roller conveyor are nicely painted Galvanised to prevent formation of Rust and giving good Aesthetics to the System.