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Crescent Pallet Conveyor

DELITE Crescent Pallet Conveyors are designed for re-circulating baggage continuously in the same loop. These conveyors can accommodate a wide range of items, from Passenger bags, cardboard boxes, soft luggage and bundled items and have good Aesthetics.At Airports these Conveyors can be used independently or in conjunction with Belt Conveyors or X-ray machines both for Arrival Systems (Baggage Claim Conveyors) or Departure Systems (Make up Loop Conveyor). System Integration and Automation with other Systems is possible. The advantages of Our systems compared to other similar conveyors are:

❯ We use high quality raw material and latest technology to produce the final product.
❯ Conveyor creates very low noise and minimum vibrations as superior Computer Aided Design is used.
❯ Variable Frequency Drive is used for smooth Start and Stop Operations of the system and good torque characteristics of the System.
❯ Caterpillar Drive ensures Positive engagement.Precision Sealed for Life Bearings are used.
❯ Drive and Load Bearings are 50mm dia.
❯ It can be rapidly installed as Least number of parts.
❯ Height can be easily adjusted. Minor Variations in floor level can be accommodated.
❯ As design is modular can be relocated extended etc. with least downtime.
❯ Low number of moving parts hence less wear and tear hence less maintenance.
❯ High Efficiency Systems hence Low Running Cost and less maintenance.
❯ Lower Motors Capacities to run the system which translates into energy savings and almost maintenance free operations.
❯ All MS parts are either Galvanised of Painted to prevent formation of Rust and giving good Aesthetics to the System. Hour Run meter measures accurate Running time of the System.